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Get to know the teachers that are responsible for educating your children, their qualifications and experience.  This gives parents comfort and an idea on who is teaching their children.

Have an inside view of the classrooms from each school. Get to see the environment in which your children learn from. Get familiar with the class accessories and facilities. 

A clear view of the school surroundings. At Academy Central we provide the safest environments for your children. This gives you an opportunity and reassurance of your children's safety by clearly showing the school environment.

A gallery of pictures showing different moments captured at the school , activities, pupil interaction. Browse through to have a clear picture of the ambience of the school. 

Videos further explaining the school fees, terms and conditions, school activities available such as sports, soccer etc.

The classes/courses the school offers and duration.

Below is a visual advert clearly depicting the school, its values, motto and a representation of the institution. Academy Central Zambia provides high quality information. Press play to watch the video.


Lusaka International Community School (lics)

Lusaka International Community School is in Lusaka, Zambia, and seeks educational continuity with schools elsewhere in the world.




- Lusaka

Plot 242 A, Kakola Rd, Roma, P.O.Box 30528, Lusaka, Zambia

+260 21 129 0626 +260 21 129 2447 +260 21 129 0048




Year 1 to 6-$10,064

Year 7 to 11-$12,556

Year 12 to 13-$13,448

All invoices are issued

in US Dollars,but payable

in Zambian Kwacha

or in US dollars at

the rate of the day of payment.

School fees are subject

to revision by the Board

and may

be readjusted quarterl


  • Ballet

  • Chess

  • Circus

  • Cookery

  • Crochet

  • DigiDesign Club

  • Fun Tech Robotics

  • Street Culture - Dance

  • Street Culture - Graffiti

  • ZOCA


  • Archery

  • Basketball

  • Football

  • Go2Goal Football Academy

  • Golf - Lusaka Golf Club

  • Gymnastics

  • Hockey

  • Horseriding

  • Judo

  • Karate

  • Kung Fu

  • Monkeynastics

  • Smash Badminton Academy

  • Street Culture - Skateboarding

  • Swimming

  • Table Tennis

  • Volleyball

-Early Years

The  Early Years (EY) Department offers a dynamic educational programme for  children aged 2 to 7 years. 

-Primary School

The  Upper Primary section at ISL begins in Year 3 and ends in Year 6. 

-Middle School

Years  7, 8 and 9 make up our Middle School at ISL - a time when students are  transitioning between the final years of childhood into the first years  of their adolescence.

-High School

The  ISL High School programme is a 4-year university preparatory curriculum  that aims to develop the habits of mind necessary for creative and  critical thinking.

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School Gallery

School Surroundings