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What is a Baby Blossom account?

The Baby Blossom Account empowers you to save for the financial future of your children. Whether it’s saving for their first day of school or for university, this account secures your children’s future by saving a small amount of your earnings every month.


  1. You get to choose how long you would like to save until your child turns 18

  2. No maintenance fees

  3. Monthly tiered interest enables you to grow your savings faster and rewards you for saving more

  4. Minimum monthly installment to the account of only K100

How to get it and what to expect

The following are the necessary requirements to apply:

  • An account with Zanaco or another bank where the monthly instalments will come from.


  • Zero maintenance fees

  • Free monthly e-statement

  • Minimum investment period of one year

  • Free standing order transfers from parent/guardian

  • Maximum period of investment is dependent on when the minor attains the age of 18 years.

Baby Blossom Account

- Zanaco Bank

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